Proudly creating exceptional clothing for your Little Lord & Lady

Little Lord & Lady is a British children’s clothing brand inspired by traditional British style and culture. We want that heritage to shine through everything we do based on these beliefs:
  • We are unique, just like your children,  Our seasonal collections feature playful rhythms of colour and texture combinations that allow boys and girls to make their own individual, inimitable statement. 
  • We create exclusive collections so your children will stand out from the crowd.  Based on a time and place in the UK, each story brings history to life with bespoke design, prints and features mirroring the era.
  • We believe in luxury for little ones.  High end fabrics and exclusive prints designed in-house are complemented by distinctive touches and trims, making our range both distinguished and timeless.
  • We believe all children are different and their differences should be celebrated. Each story includes a range of pieces, so you can choose the item which suits your child's character and style the best.  Pick pieces from the same story and your family still feels like the celebration of unity it is.
  • We hold ourselves to the very highest standards.  We go beyond the trend, ensuring that every element of our design and manufacture is second to none. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure their fitness for purpose and quality manufacture.
  • Always looking for feedback, we welcome constructive criticism as we want to be our very best.
  • We want your children to enjoy our collections for many years.  Our clothes are designed for fun, made for play, hard wearing and easy to care for.  Children will be children after all.
Our exclusive British designs, unique prints designed in house, luxury fabrics and stylish in distinctive outfits is the ultimate statement for any young family.
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